Test & Voice is a good place to start - simple
Collection of student work
EPortfolios meet ISTE's Educational Technology standards
Students share esays and talk about it with each other

Student Performance Goals:
  • Students will create an e-Portfolio containing
  • two to four complete essays seleted from their assigned projects
  • the essays will be posted on the class wiki and have at lest 3 in

Instructional Goals
  • Integrate techology in instruction
  • Constructivist in nature
    Facilitate student creation of a "living" artifact
  • Establish a process that effectively integrates reflection and self assessment
  • Document student progress
  • Showcase student learning

Technology & Web-Based Reosurces
Computers, headsets with mics, projector
digital visualizer,video camera, scanner, wiki
Voxopop, GoAnimate, PowerPoint, Photostory, Keyboarding Tutorial (BBC Typing)

What is in Portfolio
Multiple iterations of student work
Class wiki
Writing assignment
Spoken responses
Student refelctions

Classroom 2.0

Workshop Time
Feeback, group, peer, teacher, reflection
Modeling: readings teacher created samples,
Presentations electronic and oral